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C’est le lien entre Zetsu-spirale et le Zetsu-Kakashi! La loyauté signifie le pouvoir de dire les dures vérités. Et pour tromper qui? The power of the reanimated Madara Uchiha far exceeds what the Allied Forces expected. Description Kabuto finally confronts the mysteries of his past, but Itachi traps his mind within the Izanami in order to undo the Reanimation Jutsu. The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier.

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C’est le lien entre Zetsu-spirale et le Zetsu-Kakashi! Pour l’utiliser,il faut d’abord activer le ms? Tsunade leaves her post as Medic Ninja to join the other Kage in fighting Madara. Soyez le premier à attribuer une note! Année de sortie Guren stays alert to protect Yukimaru, whose current situation prevents him from moving. Renseignements supplémentaires Réseaux VIZ media.

While a sealing team tracks the location of the beast and its host, a guard team led by Kakashi and Naruto fends off attacks from Guren.

Chapitre 604

Naruto enters the mist to seek out Yukimaru. Guren stays alert to protect Yukimaru, whose current situation prevents him from moving. When both sides meet, their emotion over Yukimaru sparks. Shippudenn arrive from the Leaf Village.


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The new chapiter from Tsunade: Sai fights a one-on-one battle with Gozu…. To protect Guren from the raging Three Tails, Yuukimaru exerts powers beyond his limits. To protect Yuukimaru, Naruto and Guren fight alongside each other against the Three-Tailed beast and are swallowed. Inside the beast is an unnatural world filled with limestone. The Leaf ninja learn that Naruto is inside the Three-Tailed beast.

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Despite the Leaf ninja rescue attempt, Naruto and Guren do not return. Frustration builds among the group, but as Three Tails wakes from its sleep, the Sealing Team makes a second attempt at the Four Chaiptre Sealing Barrier.

chapitre naruto shippuden 604

Kabuto finally appears before Naruto. The Leaf ninja fall back and tend to their chapktre. The battle has left everyone with serious injuries. Shizune examines Yuukimaru, who is in a coma, but his body is no longer able to control Three Tails. Une erreur s’est produite lors de la publication de votre évaluation. Essayez de nouveau plus tard. Passer directement au contenu principal. SD SD sélectionné e.


Lecture impossible sur cet appareil.

chapitre naruto shippuden 604

Vérifiez la configuration requise. Disponible sur Xbox One. The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier. Breaking the Crystal Style.

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Battle over the Barrier. Guidepost of the Camellia. Counterattack of the Curse Mark. A Place to Return To.

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