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Votre film M6 de ce dimanche. Nan attendez, on va la refaire. Un nanar bien malsain si on le prend au premier degré dont s »est inspiré Rob Zombie pour sa fausse Bande Annonce Grindhouse. Ilsa et toute son équipe sont heureux de vous accueillir dans un cadre chaleureux Elle est également médecin où elle effectue de nombreuses recherches scientifiques.

Nom: ilsa la louve des ss
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Désolé, il n’y a pour le moment aucun DVD enregistré pour ce film. Au-delà de séquences de torture qui ont indéniablement vieilli dans leur forme et leur crédibilité on a vu bien pire et bien plus saisissant par la suite , d’un érotisme timide et sans It moves at a good pace and is easy to follow. C’est par exemple le cas des drames et des films expérimentaux. Partagez votre opinion avec les autres clients. Format de projection -.

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Ilsa, la Louve des SS – Film () – SensCritique

This classic Nazi exploitation film takes place entirely at a concentration camp where Dyanne Thorne and her fellow Nazi’s conduct assorted torturous experiments, and Thorne occasionally seduces the male inmates to find that special somebody that can satisfy her. The film has plenty of full nudity, although Thorne doesn’t have any full frontal scenes. The gruesome torture sequences aren’t for the squeamish, and the film doesn’t deliver much effective atmosphere.

Although it does get decently suspenseful in some parts, and the directing is good. The main reason to see it is for the gore, as lokve as the assorted sex and nude scenes. It moves at a good pace and is easy to follow. This DVD has a sharp and clear picture, and the brightness is fine.


However, it has some problems with contrast and color; the colors are somewhat faded, and the contrast needs improvement.

ilsa la louve des ss

Overall, I still thought the quality was good. You get a decent photo gallery for an extra, but it doesn’t have any interviews or commentaries. For many years, I considered « Bloodsucking Freaks » to be the sickest, most tasteless, most offensive louvw I’d ever seen.

ilsa la louve des ss

Then I saw « Ilsa. I can’t begin to describe it; everything you’ve heard about it is true.

ilsa la louve des ss

It is essential viewing for true devotees of trash cinema. Apart from the extreme gore makeup, the frequent nudity, and the classic lines of demented dialogue none of which I can repeat here »Ilsa » ups the weirdness level beautifully by having been filmed on the old Hogan’s Heroes set. If you’ve ever seen episodes of that TV series, you’ll recognize the locations instantly Yes, you have found the infamous Ilsa movie, complete with castration for male prisoners who just can’t cut the mustard and bring the camp commandant Ilsa to the Screaming O and « selection » of the most « fit » female prisoners.

All manner of torture, degredation, humiliation and nudity are included in this film. My wife raised some hell after she saw that I had bought this ‘s exploitation classic, she was expecting another Schindlers List when I told her the movie was about a WW2 prison camp! Dyanne Thorne Ilsa struts around the camp in nice tight garments, riding crop in hand ready to dish out punishment for the slightest infraction, and she is good at it. Schultz in this movie, only nasty predators and frightened victims.

Sweet innocent young girls forced to strip for inspection and punishment The carnage and torture just keeps escalating until of course the tables are turned and Ilsa receives her richly deserved fate. Despite all the gore if you can sit and watch this without cracking up I’d be suprised, it’s so disgusting that it is funny.


Dyanne Thorne is real easy on the eyes and does a great job. I love all the cheesy fake German accents. Your wife might get pissed too but this film is just to good to pass by, and there is no way you’ll find it at Blockbuster.

Ilsa, la Louve des SS

Buy it before it vanishes again. This sexploitation film has everything, and i mean everything. From a sadistic Nazi camp commandant Ilsa, played by Dyann Thorne to buxom SS guards to the brutal and I mean brutal torture of female prisoners, there is little left to the imagination.

The plot is fairly simple: Ilsa is the evil, sadistic Nazi doctor sort of a female Mengele in charge of a medical camp in which she performs amazingly brutal and bloody experiments. This is not for the squeamish. Blood flows and prisoners scream and die.

Ilsa, la louve des SS

In addition to the gore, there is a large amount of nudity and sex as ilsa enjoys having her way with male prisoners before castrating them for unsatisfactory performance. Talk about a tough grader! Nevertheless, Dyanne Thorne is gorgeous, and gives an over the top goose stepping, Heil Hitlering performance.

She steals every scene she is in, whether she is [being with] a male prisoner, watching her 2 guards do the same, or torturing the female prisoners. The film is sexy, gory, disgusting and preachy all at the same time. A damn fine combination in my book.

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