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RocketDock héberge de nombreuses fonctionnalités et options pour les utilisateurs immédiatement après l’installation. Viking Temperature sensor – New Device: Philips Living Colors Generation 1 2. La même chose vaut pour le pack d’icônes WinRemix, qui vous obligera à renommer un fichier pour l’installer correctement. Oregon wind speed reporting – Fixed: Oregon Humidity issue – Fixed:

Nom: rainmeter 2.4 final
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 41.25 MBytes

Chacon EMW detection – Fixed: Même si vous n’installez que des clôtures sur votre bureau, vous perdez la charge d’un bureau encombré. Home Easy support for direct dim values – New Device: Unitec switch set model Intertek – New Device: Tips for Toilet Training Toddlers. Improved Promax detection – Fixed: Smarthome YCB protocol variant – Added:

rainmeter 2.4 final

If you have mailed debug data and your device is not implemented yet, then you can be sure that we are still working on it! We receive lots of data to analyse and on top of that also receive lots of support requests that all take time to answer.

Work-in-progress – Build x Not for general use, this version is only supplied to those who have to test reported issues.

DPM Switch sets Thanks: Olaf – New Device: Universal Blyss receptor ref – Added: Acurite rain meter Thanks: Funkbus transmit – Added: Another Chinese screen motor set following a Dooya variant – Added: Additional Hager support – Added: Oregon THN – Added: Froggit FTH decoding issues – Fixed: Viking negative temperatures – Fixed: Alecto V4 better handling when multiple devices are used – Fixed: Conrad Pool Thermometer recognition – Fixed: Banggood SKU allowing multiple devices – Fixed: Various changes to RTS to improve detection – Changed: Increased number of supported devices to 32 – Removed: CalorMatic f Thermostat – New Device: Hager Flash Thermostat – New Device: Thermoflash Thermostat – New Device: Piloteco Thermostat – New Device: Sanfil Thermostat – New Device: Monomat Thermostat – New Device: Micromat Thermostat – New Device: Monotron Thermostat – New Device: Calidou Plus Thermostat – New Device: Verplus Thermostat – New Device: Palatino Thermostat – New Device: Verlys Evolution Thermostat – New Device: Melody Evolution Thermostat – New Device: Millenium Triphasé Thermostat – New Device: Sensual Bains Thermostat – New Device: Athena Millenium Thermostat – New Device: Athena Plenitude Thermostat – New Device: Brel and compatible light switch – New Device: Falmec hoods – Added: Milight color issue – Fixed: Milight brightness issue – Fixed: Milight CRC calculation on some of the protocol versions – Fixed: Improved Mertik filtering – Fixed: Corrected TFA timing – Fixed: Improved Cresta packet filtering.


Delta Dore – Deltia 8.

FUT – New Device: X10 Sensors – New Device: Viking Temperature sensor – New Device: Marquant Temperature sensor – New Device: Arlec RC10 switch set – New Device: V2 Phoenix remote signals Receive only – New Device: GPIO pin state at boot can be selected with a wire from pin 5 to ground to set the pin default to high – Added: Direct dimming support for Flamingo and compatible devices – Added: Additional WH3 detection – Added: Two Additional Dooya protocol flavors – Added: Additional Dooya signal recognition – Added: Additional Blyss remote control recognition – Added: Additional Brell remote control recognition – Added: Support for second extended RTS protocol version – Added: Additional Pair option for Bofu motor devices – Added: Added pairing command for Ansluta – Fixed: Increased transmission duration for Ansluta – Fixed: UPM Esic negative temperatures – Fixed: Further improved X10 protocol detection – Fixed: CM ampere precision – Fixed: Improved Xiron sensor detection – Fixed: Alecto rain meter values.


Applidom DM82 motion sensor – New Device: WH2A temperature sensors – New Device: ABB lightswitch type a a.

rainmeter 2.4 final

TX Tango Receive only! Konx doorbell model Receive only!

Rainmeter – La dernière version à télécharger gratuitement ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Doorman doorbell Receive only! JR – New Device: Byron BYE Receive only! Stagnoli remotes – New Device: Blyss temperature sensors Ref. JD – New Device: Woonveilig security sensors – New Device: Egardia security sensors – New Device: Alecto WS – New Device: Sartano Harald Nyborg switch set – New Device: Astrell 85 portal motorization system – New Device: Some raiinmeter eeprom handling issues – Fixed: Improved AI protocol priority handling – Fixed: UPM Esic extended packet detection and increased sanity checks on data – Fixed: Optimized Novatys timing – Fixed: AlectoV3 Humidity value validation – Fixed: Rainmetee vs Alecto improved differentiation, Note: Alecto WS humidity – Fixed: AlectoV4 Some packets contained an invalid temperature – Fixed: Tristate send, removed debug message and fixed a timing bug – Fixed: WS rain reporting – Fixed: Added additional Brel protocol variant – Fixed: Improved Friedland doorbell signal detection – Fixed: Acurite 5in1 corrected wind speed, wind direction and rainfall values Thanks: Tunex zero humidity value – Fixed: Battery detection in Prologue protocol – Fixed: Added channel number support to Warema devices – Fixed: Improved SA33 detection – Fixed: